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Your Outdoor Fitness Space

BrainThemePark (Brain) conveys actionable and practical full body fitness.
It’s continuous operation allows people the freedom to enter preferred tour trainings stages.

Here’s how it’s done;
  • Brain has a continuous schedule island wide training program route.
  • We start in San Juan and move across the island in seven days.
  • It goes from light training to smarter by the middle of the week.
  • It becomes easier up to the end of the outdoor fitness tour.
  • You can become active and any stage of the training tour.
    • Just get there on the departure schedule time.
  • Also, you can remove yourself at any stage and for any reason.
    • Your own schedule.
    • You own reasons to move out, any!
  • You just pay per attended event.
  • We use local transportation to get from point A to point B.
    • Tour bus companies are use.
      • They are arrange according to the size of the group.
        • From two persons, to a group of 10 max per Personal Trainer.
        • Larger groups are divided in groups of ten and placed in alternative schedules with another Personal Trainer.
  • You are provided with safety gear when needed.
  • Healthy food choices, energy bars, quality mineral water and or local coconut water.
  • Your health and fitness level determines your stage participation.
    • Use your own discretion to stop at any time to avoid health issues.
      • You can up out of certain trainings.
        • Be advice that you pay for a stage of training.
          • You can up out of some of the stages training but the stage price remains unchanged.
  • To get the schedule you What’s App at 787-320-7084.
  • To get the schedule you can email to

Every city has an enticing outdoor fitness site!

Puerto Rico’s Outdoor Fitness Adventures: Brain