MMS | Master Mineral Solution | What it is and how it works

Full paper document on the Master Mineral Solution (MMS)
This knowledge is being hide away from the needed, the public suffering health issues that can simple be solve with MMS.

Here’s a video so you can place your mind at ease.

Here is the full document on my facebook page.

Jim Humble

How to prepare the Sodium Chlorite solution (The MMS)

How to make MMS Master Mineral Solution MSS Sodium Chlorite formula

How to dilute the Hydrochloric Acid from 35% to 5%

About Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar

Coconut palm sugar is made from coconuts but tapped from the coconut blossom stems. It provides nutritional value in the form of minerals, amino acids and is helpful for preventing spikes in blood sugar.
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Coconut Sugar

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